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Principals Message

Welcome to October. In my last year’s message, I was making reference to the school closure due to snow. I can say that I am grateful that we are not having to deal with that this year. When I look outside and see all the beautiful colors, I get a peaceful feeling and know that God is present.


Typically, I try to have my message prepared prior to October beginning. However, I intentionally delayed my preparations as I wanted to share in this message the selection of this year’s school council executive. I am very thankful that all of our last year’s executive were willing to allow their names to stand for another year. I was also happy to hear that there are a few additional parents/guardians who look forward to serving in an executive role in the future.


This year’s executive is as follows: Chair – Mr. Mike Pirot; Vice Chair – Mrs. Heather Wirzba; Treasurer – Mrs. Wendy Blasetti-Hurley; Secretary – Mrs. Fee McLean. At the first meeting, we also decided that we would be meeting bi-monthly on set Tuesdays, beginning at 7:00 p.m. and using google meet. The following dates have been established: November 17, January 19, March 23, and May 18. Even if you were unable to attend our first meeting, you are more than welcome to attend in the future. You would be required to forward your email address to the ESM office, so that you can be included on the School Council group – the means by which information is being shared and invitations are made to google meets. You are also welcome to check out the happenings via our ESM web page:


I find it quite interesting that my first two paragraphs referenced being grateful and thankful. Not only are these part of this year’s Faith theme, we seem to be more cognizant of these during the month of October, the month that Canadians celebrate Thanksgiving. While it would be easy to complain about our current circumstances surrounding the pandemic, I would like to challenge everyone to take the optimistic view. Rather than complain of all the leaves we will have to rake, let’s look at the beauty of the changing colors and understand the transformation that is taking place. God has a definite plan.


Another highlight of October is that it is the month of the holy rosary. Although administration cannot meet with all the students in the gym for our upcoming Sunday gospel, we have been able to send something to each of the classes on a weekly basis. During this month, we will also be encouraging the classes to examine the rosary, perhaps by doing a decade of the rosary each Wednesday. The rosary is one of the best known of all the Catholic devotions and recognizes the growing devotion to Mary, our patron saint.


I would like to leave you with the following prayer, The Prayer of Thanksgiving for Mary, Our Mother:

“O Jesus, Divine Master, I thank and bless your most merciful Heart for having given us Mary most holy as our Mother, Teacher and Queen. From the cross You Placed us all in her hands. You gave her a great heart, led by her to You, the Savior of mankind! I placed myself in her hands, as You placed Yourself. With this Mother I want to live now, in the hour of my death, and for all eternity.” 

God bless!

- Dan Monaghan


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